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Yard tips

Please remember that it is against the law to leave your pet's waste in your neighbors yard, not to mention impolite to those around you. Be responsible and pick up after Fido OR Felix even if you let him/her run loose! No one wants to run across pet waste as they're working hard at maintaining their yard.
Our Mission

Leverage the community's resources to create and maintain an outdoor environment that enhances the quality of life of its residents.   Assure an effective program is in place to preserve the resident’s property value and the Association’s landscape and environmental assets.  Enhance existing landscape and amenities through both short and long-term improvement projects.  Respond to the specific needs of Cool Springs residents and the Association regarding landscape and environmental requirements.

Landscape Committee
Marilyn Kirkbride
Jim Wade
Ron Bykowski

Any landscape is a condition of the spirit” .. Henri Frederic Ameil 
Landscape Resource Center

Japanese Beetles
Brown Patch